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"My sculptural work has moved through clay and wood, stone and glass but finally settled on cast cotton fibre. I use all my techniques  to materialize the image and I like the element of surprise when people reverse their initial impression and realize they are made out of something unexpected. For me paper fibre is a medium that has a feeling of familiarity and is very adaptive to infusion

with pigments and mediums."


- Miles Lowry



The torso is the house of the heart. In archaeology it is also what is left behind. Having endured the onslaught of time the torso becomes an unwitting symbol of the ancient world. An incomplete figure. In contemporary times the fragmented figure appeals both to those who seek antiquity and those who arrive with new eyes. Here the body acts as a mirror. Through the understanding of our own vulnerabilities and desires the sculptures made of fibre and paint become something else, something for the heart and mind. With this work I consider the torso as a potent symbol of our times, revealing its histories yet becoming the sensuous vulnerable housing we are given to embody each day.


Miles Lowry - Victoria 2018


Crucial Fragment

“My desire is to suggest possible histories even if all that is left are crucial fragments - allusions to the past - also expressive of the here and now."

Miles Lowry  



"Focused on Celtic history and mythology, these sculptures are cast in cotton fibre and infused with pigments and occasionally elements of the natural world. I have also created objects - cups, shields or stone altars reflecting beliefs inherent in the culture of the Celts. I have worked with body adornment to assert the idea of the body itself as an art object, which expresses itself through its painted and enhanced surface and elaborate dress."


Miles Lowry



Miles Lowry and Georgia Angelopoulos have worked collaboratively, sharing the same paper and brush in their 2016 show 'A Broken Hallelujah'. They presented two shows 'Cipher' and 'Marks of Devotion' in Victoria, BC and have exhibited in the group shows 'A Show of Hands' at the Grovewood Gallery in Ashville, North Carolina; ‘Calligraphies in Conversation' at the San Francisco Public Library,; and 'Crossing Boundaries’ at the Ziya Multicultural Art Center, in Oakland, California. Using Lowry’s cast cotton fibre forms, the two artists present the amphora as carriers of poetic fragments inspired by their respective cultures, their own poetry, or words of the great poets. Long and elegant, these amphoras also take on the shape of ballistic shells or ancient tool heads.

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