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"An arabesque of branches in the desert sky, the Paul Bowles poems frame the surreal nature of alienation. This collection of little fugues… illuminates with clarity and grace."
Linda Rogers - author of the Empress Letters
"I love this book. It's a complete art piece - rhythmically, graphically, intellectually and emotionally. It put me in mind of some of Michael Ondaatje's early work. How wonderful to see Paul Bowles growing further in the world. Miles Lowry has created a tribute of beauty."
Colum McCann - author of "Dancer", "Zoli" and "Let The Great World Spin"

In his work, Blood Orange, Canadian author Miles Lowry

explores the life of Paul Bowles in a snapshot album of

poems and images drawn from years of wandering in

Bowles fiction and biographical remnants. Bowles rose to

 international prominence with the publication of his novel,

The Sheltering Sky in 1950, becoming one of the 20th

centuries most gifted and misunderstood literary figures.

Choosing Tangier, Morocco as his home, Bowles became

a celebrated expatriate whose home was the meeting

place of the authors of the Beat Generation and a host

of literary renegades. Lowry's imagining reveals as much

as it conceals as it weaves through the life of a remarkable

man in a country that would become the unique backdrop

for his fiction.



Next to Nothing – painting installation

Ink, Paper and pigments on wood.

2001 – 2008

collected individual paintings

3 by 4 inches

-installation dimensions variabl

NEXT TO NOTHING is an online exhibition of graphic works associated with the book.

Next to Nothing is an online exhibition of graphic works associated with my book Blood Orange – The Paul Bowles Poems.


As I was working on the first poems I also drew some casual sketches of people and places in my mind – just a few lines telling what they can in the instant. These drawings of anonymous figures and locations eventually suggested another approach. I imagined a drawer of snapshots - a miscellany of casual moments made mysterious through a sense of anonymity, intimacy and curiosity - a life’s puzzle in pictures.


A selection of the resulting 3 by four inch  paintings make up the illustrations in the 2008 publication of Blood Orange from Ekstasis Editions. The series continues and was shown at the Martin Batchelor Gallery  for the launch of the book and also was included in the  OPEN SPACE – Residency Exhibition 2008.


For the online exhibition I have included some of the drawings and early inspirations. I have also included photographs that I’d taken over the years that were inspired by Bowles and his world which are now available as archival prints.


The title, Next to Nothing, is from Bowles experimental poem of the same name.


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