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April 9, 2023


A review by Miles Lowry @ Pacific Rim Review of Books (preview).


March, 2022

(for Ukraine)

The proceeds from ‘Vision of Peace’ by Canadian artist Miles Lowry will support Ukrainians at a time of need. This open-numbered limited edition will close once Ukraine is free.

amphora magasine cover.tif

Issue No.187 | Spring, 2021

The Alcuin Society

A fascination with the Irish Ogham alphabet inspires Miles Lowry to create artwork based on its letterforms. Read his introduction to this ancient form of communication.

Luky Maybe broom.jpg

Premiere May 1, 2021

Music for dance-film

Fuelled by a pulsing original soundtrack by Miles Lowry, Suddenly Dance Theatre's LUCKY MAYBE muses on global themes about the nature of luck, interconnectivity, and the gamble of life.

Patti SMITH by Miles LOWRYe.jpg

March 21, 202o


A review and photograph by Miles Lowry @ Pacific Rim Review of Books.


Miles Lowry is a sound and visual artist, writer and director best known for his vibrant paintings and life-size sculptures which explore the body as an expressive canvas. His works are seen in a wide variety of exhibitions, publications and performances. As an Artistic co-Director for Suddenly Dance Theatre in Victoria, Miles is exploring dance and media with partner David Ferguson through writing, directing and designing for live performance, television, video and multi media collaboration. In 2005 he wrote and co-directed OPIUM for Bravo! Television inspired by French poet Jean Cocteau. In 2007, he introduced the film at Lincoln Centre, in New York. His next two films AISLING and GUTHRIE SWIMS THE LAKE for Bravo!FACT allowed him to also contribute his music and voice to the soundtracks. His music and design were featured in Suddenly Dance Theatre’s touring performances in South Korea for Courtyard for a Bird (2008) and Art of War (2015). Released in September 2017, he co-directed with David Ferguson and made the sound design for WITS IN MOTION a short, youth-engaged dance-video for the prevention of peer victimization and bullying. As a painter Miles recently presented ‘Marks of Devotion’ an exploration of painting and devotional mark-making with master calligrapher Georgia Angelopoulos and ‘Saints of Circumstance’ a collection of cryptic portraits in paper, wood, wax and pigment. His latest works can be seen at the Grantfield Gallery in Anghiari, Italy; with recent participation in group exhibitions in the USA 'Painted Words' at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and 'Calligraphies in Conversation' at the San Francisco Public Library. Limited editions photography, and rarities of Miles' work is available via For more information and artist portfolio visit



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